After the 30/06/2013 Powers has the obligation to issue a Declaration of Performance (DoP) and affix the CE marking if:

  • The product is covered by a harmonized European Standard and the coexistence period has ended
  • If a European Technical Assessment (ETA) has been issued for the product
  • If the product is defined as a construction product

You can use this flowchart to define if your product needs a CE marking or not.

Yes, this is allowed for the duration of the valid ETA. Based on the existing ETA Powers draws up the DoP.
No. Per application you need to review if CE is obliged. You can use this flowchart to define if your product needs a CE marking or not.
No, he can continue selling these products till the stock he has been delivered before 01/07/2013 is exhausted. For any new delivery of construction products which will be dispatched to him by the manufacturer from 01/07/2013 onwards, the distributor must request the manufacturer to supply the Declaration of Performance (DoP) for these products and to affix the CE marking on them.
In this case Powers is not obliged to request an ETA. We can sell the product without the Declaration of Performance (DoP) and CE-marking. It depends on the application/type of use if a CE-marking is obliged.
The performance described in the DoP is expected to be achieved under the condition that the product is correctly installed. This is particularly relevant for products that are installed in the final construction work. Therefore the installation manual / instructions is very important to ensure the correct installation of the product.
If a manufacturer or distributor offers CE-approved construction products they will need to CE-mark the construction product and to declare the performance of construction products in a specific document called a DoP (Declaration of Performance). This DoP must be made available upon request
No the DoP is not included with every CE-marked products. You can download them via this website.
Since the reliability of a product is also linked to the way it’s installed Powers is cannot be responsible for this part. Therefore Powers will not sign such a document. With the provision of the DoPs we meet European regulations and state that the product meets European standards.