Which company offers fastening solutions that are the real alternatives to well-known brands?

A solid experience
Powers Europe is a daughter company of Powers USA, that was founded as early as 1923.
These 90 years of experience made Powers one of the leading constructive fastener companies in the world.

A complete range
With more than 1.500 products, Powers offers solutions in all the fixing applications from wood and concrete gas actuated fasteners, mechanical anchors to chemical injection systems.

High quality products
Many Powers’ products are approved with better loading values and for more applications than most competitors… because safety is a priority.

Innovative fixing
Constant product innovations offer solutions to different fastening challenges:
Trak-It C5 for direct fastening of metal track overhead,PURE150-PRO mortar for cracked concrete, Wall-Dog for light duty fastening in virtually all base materials.

High tech testing laboratory
With testing facilities complying with ETAG, Powers is one of the very few fastener manufacturers worldwide that is able to test and develop constructive anchors in-house that meet international compliance codes.
Our constructive engineers can also help you with calculations and jobsite support.
Responsive customer service
We are there for you when you need us, answering your requests and questions.
Both for technical as well as logistical questions we can assist you in multiple languages.
Powerful dealer network
With an exclusive dealer network of more than 200 dealers across Europe, Powers developed a real partnership while ensuring excellent product availability to endusers.
Sales support
Our salesforce is present on the jobsite for product demonstrations, trainings and technical support. Also our structural engineers are able to provide constructive calculations using our ETAGcompliant PDA calculation software.

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